Disaster of the Week on a Monday, Zucchini Stew

So where is today's post? It got thrown out, it started out ok, I may have put a little too much pepper paste in this one, I used the hot instead of the mild, I was planning on serving this with lots and lots of rice or bulgar. I also like this on the overcooked side, so I brought to a boil, reduced to medium and left to cook for 20 minutes, which should have been fine, but, it wasn't. The after photo is so scary, I couldn't use it. Actually didn't even take one, some burns you don't want to have evidence of. The bottom was gone, the pot I soaked with dish washer liquid, that's the highest grade of burnt on food. Sigh, so sorry folks no photos for today, tomorrow should be a better day, has to be, it should it will have a new better not burnt posting.
The days with the burnt food are always the hardest, blog or no blog.