The Adventures of the slightly spicy Avocado Toast

The Adventure of Avocado Toast started years ago, back when I was trying to be a vegan for a few weeks, it didn't work out, too many things I missed, but there were a few things I was thankful for one was vegan cream cheese, which really is better than cream cheese and the other, avocado toast. Over the years I've changed this recipe to best fit my likes. It's really simple.
First toast bread. Then slice an avocado in half, and when it's still in the skin, slice, without cutting through the skin.
Then scoop out with a large spoon,
Perfection, flying through the air, every bit of the fruit.

Place on toast, then question why you spent so much time pulling it out so perfectly, when you're gong to spread it all out.

Spread out and top with some lemon, olive oil, salt and chili flakes, and I'm sorry to say, but this is to taste.
Here ends the adventures of the avocado toast, until next time.

half avocado
olive oil
chili flakes