Tastes from Chefs: Melissa d'Arabian's Orange Olive Oil Cake

All zombies look towards tv, cookbooks, and online recipes for cooking inspiration, and in honor of the new blog location, I thought it was time for a new section. But rather than taste the book, I thought Taste from Chefs might be fun, after all, if the chef can cook, their books, tv shows, and blogs should be on the good side, Plus it will allow me to review recipes from every source from the unpublished to the most famous. First up, a fairly new addition to the Food Network, Melissa d'Arabian. 

I have a secret love for cakes without butter, it mainly has to do with remember to take the butter out of the fridge and bring to room temp, it almost never happens, i do like Melissa d'Arabian, and not just because her name sounds Armenian, (UPDATE: HER LAST NAME IS ARMENIAN, HER HUSBAND IS OF ARMENIAN ANCESTRY, FRENCH-ARMENIAN)she also know what she's talking about, some of her tips are new to me are really original, and she's a calming personality, sort of reminds me of Sarah Moulton, not sure why, but the proof is in the cooking, and if a cake fails, not good for the chef, this didn't.
Orange Oilve OIl Cake

The recipe is solid, my aunt actually baked this, she found it easy to put together, no unusual ingredients, and it came out well. So let's get on to the important bit, the flavor, it was fantastic, olive oil didn't overpower it, and instead played with the flora aspects of orange and enhanced it, without surprisingly overpowering everything, The texture was good, it was moist, but not too moist, had a small crumble, the butter wasn't missed. It sliced easily, and looked pretty. Everything it should be. So far so good, maybe i should try that bit of soy sauce in the salad dressing she talked about in some long gone episode...

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Anyone have any recommendations for upcoming "Tastes from Chefs" comment below.