Fridays and Soft, silky, creamy and simple a chocolate mousse you can keep on hand

Nothing is as slow as a Friday morning at work, it's so close to the weekend you could reach out and touch it, but every few seconds I stare at the atomic clock, convinced it has broken down again, For the record these clocks are terrible, there's two at work (we still use) that cannot handle the time change, it takes them weeks to figure out whats going on, and even then, they are clueless as to what the time actually is and just pick something at random. I have one at home to on my bedside table (luckily i don't actually use the alarm) it has over time, changed it's time to a full 11 minutes ahead of the rest of PST, I wake up and do math, every day. Sigh, Friday mornings, Let's think of more pleasant things,

Remember chocolate sauce?

This is whipped chocolate sauce, soft peaks and the world is years.

Egg-leaa well almost egg-less, there are a few right on the top there.

1 cup cream
2 cups chocolate (chocolate aggs an option)

Heat cream in microwave til hot, but not bubbled over, around 2 minutes.
Add chocolate, and wait five minutes
Stir, and that's sauce
Refrigerate one day and whip it's mousse.

Top with cream and leftover chocolate egg garnish