Non-rubbery Simple Egg Salad to eat before the Easter eggs start going

Ok, you're sitting on a small post easter pile of boiled eggs, and you don't want that awful year of the smelly eggs to repeat itself again. So you have two basic choices, deviled or salad. The truth is salad is just easier,
Ok peeling is something I don't have patience for , especially the years where the egg and the shell will not separate. But the beauty of the egg salad is, it doesn't need presentable whiles. So take a knife, and slice the egg in half, shell and all.
Then take a soup spoon and scoop out the egg.
Ok true, some shell can find it's way to the egg and you will have to pick that out. But hey not bad,  And if you miss a little, as my grandmother used to say, it's calcium, it's good for you.
Pop the yolks into a little bowl and add your egg salad fixin's, there's two options here, you can go the traditional route or the Moroccan,

Traditional Egg Salad
3 eggs
1/4 cup mayo
1/2 tsp dry mustard
a dash of paprika
salt to taste
herbs of choice, try parsley, dill or chives optional
Bread and/or lettuce for serving

Mix the yolks with mayo, seasonings and herbs, until well incorporated, If you're having the salad later on, refrigerate this part. Separately chop egg whites. Don't refrigerate, they'll just get too firm and rubbery, Perfect egg salad isn't rubbery. When ready to consume, mix together, serve with bread and lettuce or for low carb just lettuce, (you can use hearts of romaine to serve).

Moroccan Egg Salad
2 eggs
2 tsp olive oil
2 dashes cumin
1/4 chopped onion
spicy pepper, optional 
Half Pita for serving

Mix yolks and olive oil until well incorporated, add cumin, pepper, and salt. Chop whites, and place in half a pita. Add onions. Then yolk mixture. Add more olive oil if needed.