Sausage and Peppers that flirt with you

Sausage and peppers pasta

  • There are some thing that are just comforting, meatballs is one of them, and whereas I do make them on occassion, a great replacement is sausage, especially the good stuff, and with lots of peppers and onions you start to get the feeling this dish is flirting with you a little, once you taste it, you know it is. 

  • Olive oil 

    1 pkg spicy Italian sausage
    2 bell peppers, sliced
    1 large onion, sliced
    3 cloves garlic, sliced
    1 jar tomato sauce, 
    6 frozen basil cubes 
    2 tbsp tomato paste
    salt & pepper
    lots of parmesan
    tri-colored rotini pasta (or crusty bread)

    The sausage will usually be in casings, but it's surprisingly not that hard getting it out, Squeeze the middle and take out one half and then the other. 
    Break up the sauce into bite sized pieces, if you're going for the meatball look. 
    Cook the sausage in a medium pan,  on medium heat (no oil needed) til browned. 
    Take out the sausage and toss the grease (you can cook with it, but it will discolor the onions) Wipe down the pan of remaining oils, add olive oil, once warmed, add the onions, cook til starting to get a golden color, 
    Add peppers, cook for around ten minutes. 
    Add garlic, cook 30 seconds and add tomato sauce 
    Also add tomato paste, basil, salt and pepper and tomato paste, Bring to a boil and simmer another 5 minutes, 
    Add sausage and warm through. 
    Sausage and peppers pasta
    Boil pasta to instructions, after drained, add directly to the sauce. 
    Serve warm with more parm. 

    You can also eat this on crusty bread. 


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