Moving the Blog.. Again!

Ok, so, I know I just did this, I decided tumblr was so cool, and I had to be on it, and I moved over some of my best stuff and all that, but I also synced my phone with google+ which means I no longer needed cables, but I had no easy access to them, and dammit, I wasn't putting up with that. So here I am, one more move, my second ever blog was on blogger, back when we used to do weekly picnics, which I have to do this summer, I used to blog menus or something on there, before that I had one on livejournal and that's as far as it all goes.
Wish me luck,
I hope this is the last move, after this, we're talking personal website, which I'm tempted but haven't actually done.

UPDATE: Look up the site is all mine now, :D