Last Minute Zombie Lunch Food

Toasty Sandwich

There's nothing like a toasty sandwich especially quickly put together at work in the lunchroom. A friend of mine is a guru at these, they're sort of a cross between a pizza and sandwich, theses were made on really thin lavash bread (it was almost crepe like, you have to go to middle easterns stores for this kind), but pita can be used instead.

Tomatoes, sliced
Organic Cheddar (Trader Joes)
Provolone, sliced (Smart  & Final has a great one)
Mushrooms (Pre sliced)
Toasty Sandwich

Lay out the Lavash and top with salami,  then mushrooms,

Toasty Sandwich
then cheeses, the tomatoes,

Toasty Sandwich

fold the bread over place on foil and toast for around five minutes at 450 in the toaster oven. The cheese should be melted, and the bread toasty.
Toasty Sandwich