I could eat this all week Pesto Pasta

This is the meeting of two of the greatest recipes pesto and roasted asparagus Shrimp Pesto Pasta
Make Pesto, make this the first day, you'll want to make it again as soon as it finishes

How do I really cut down on time, I use pre cooked shrimp, then slightly warmed them.
1 package basil garlic pasta
1/3 cup pesto
roasted asparagus (left over or otherwise, any other veg will do)
defrosted frozen cooked shrimp

Boil pasta, drain when tender
add pesto to pasta, the shrimp, and the asparagus, when slightly
Shrimp Pesto Pasta
If you are going to eat this for a week, keep the shrimp separate, that way you wont keep heating them up, and they wont overcook over time