Herb Garlic Rice with Bready Undergarments worth fighting for

Herb garlic with with bread tadig
Hmm bread, slightly greasy and with a little rice attached, there's nothing quite like it, the ultimate starchy comfort food, they are definitively worth taking an extra portion of when no ones looking,
This is normally made of rice by Persians and called tadig, Armenians in the area, great lovers of bread, swapped out the rice for pita, and called it kerounk, my grandmother, another rice lover, actually liked using tortilla instead,
Rice is my mother's domain, in fact I rarely ever make it, I usually go for something a little easier to pull off. Here's what you do,
Wash the rice
wash rice
Cover with an inch of water in a pot and bring to a boil for around 15 minutes, The trick is you want a little bit of bright white left at the center of each kernal. Take the rice off the burner, empty it from the dish.
chopped dill

Meanwhile chop up half a bunch of dill, a few springs of parsley and 3 cloves garlic.
Put a little oil in the pot and add wedges of pita bread (split in half) cover the bottom of the pot as best as possible, without overlapping the bread. Place on the burner, warm to medium,
Add dill, parsley and 3 chopped cloves garlic to the rice. Place it all back in the pot and lower the heat. Cover the pot, and continue to xook for around another half hour. to 45 minutes, until the rice is perfectly cooked. You chould have individual grains of rice.
When placing the rice in a serving dish, put a little butter throughout the rice, Top with greased bread, allow everyone to take a serving. then attempt to fight for you rlife over any remaining bit of bread,