The Greatest Spicy Tuna Salad recipe

Ok this is my it's Saturday, and I am so not waiting for whatever is on the stove to finish cooking food. It's so good, once you try it, you'll leave the boring version of tuna salad, only to get it once every few month from the deli and find it eh.

It took me years to develop this, it's partly inspired by the tuna eaten in France, and partly by my favorite tuna pasta salad, and even a little by the tuna sandwiches found in the grocery stores of the UK, which I will admit I love, and every once in while will go as far as to try and buy a version of here in the US, and am always disappointed.

Spicy Tuna Salad 
All these ingredients you can keep on hand to create any time you like.
1 can Tuna packed in oil, drained (This is the brilliant bit, leave that water packed stuff behind, especially if you love fish, cause there is nothing like tuna that tastes like tuna)
1/2 cup corn (canned frozen, fresh, what have you)
1/4 cup mayo
1 tbsp vinegar
1/4 cup relish
9 shakes of Tabasco (or to taste)
black pepper
a little honey or mustard or both, if needed

Mix all together, and let them all hang out together for half an hour if you're not starving.

What about the celery?
Ok so there is no celery in this tuna salad, I recognize that some people think of this as a sin, but honestly celery and I were never friends, there's just so much of it, it's always there, tasting of celery, in your fridge threatening to grow old, and you'd have to throw it out and feel guilty because you're a food waster Not cool, not cool. I try to avoid buying it, and really only have it if some one brings in one of those veggie platter things, and no one eats the celery. 

It's sweet, spicy, savory, and sour all at the same time, it's really a bit of a flavor roller coaster, but a fun one.
Great with crackers, or on bread with lettuce and tomato.
Can be served as a dip with crackers, a little cheddar and some apple slices.

This is also great on pasta, served as a pasta salad, though you may have to add a little more dressing for it to all come together. But more about that another day.