For the Creative Zombie, marbled colored eggs

I always thought these kind of look like planets, oh probably should do an orbiting egg version one day... Anyhow they look really cool and they are easy enough for kids to make, with supervision, and the understanding that this is food coloring we're talking, and it will get everywhere.

Place eggs in pot of cold water, bring to boil, and Boil for 9 minutes, slightly older eggs peel better.
Lay down newspaper on the counter, a couple of sheets at least, spills are sadly not uncommon at the zombie household, and the old tile countertop just loves to have funky looking green and purple groat.

Fill 8 glasses of water with a tsp of vinegar with a few drops of food coloring (use a mix of different colors for more variety)

Place eggs in colored water, wait a couple minutes then check colors, some are slower than others
Once you have colored all eggs, put a couple drops of oil in the water and give it a stir, then place eggs in different colored waters. When you remove them, they will have a marbled look.
You can place eggs in multiple colors until you like the look. But wait a couple minutes between colors, So the color sets a little.
Lighter colors do better on the first layer than later ones. After a while you will end up with a brown looking egg if you keep going too far, orange and yellow love to get you there, so at some point slow down, and stop coloring.
We have done a few that have white spot, believe it or not, they are usually the originally yellow painted egg, we just didn't have the patience to wait to dry at all, they turn out ok, but the colored water can take a hit.
Easy to do and looks great.