Cost Plus is dangerous, it may lead to overwhelming spring cleaning

I was wandering the aisles, with no intention of buying anything, other than perhaps an imported box of something carb based. But I was first enchanted by all the pretty cloth napkins, I've been trying to take more photos not showing my kitchen tile and have been limited to just a couple choices.  Then, oh no, under ten dollars for a nice looking mini muffin tray? I don't own a mini muffin tray. so I brought it home, it live with me now, I'll have to make room in my own for it, I have to throw out something to do so. Probably the roasting rack that came with the oven and I have never used, mainly because I always place veg under anything I roast.
I hope this doesn't lead to some great big spring cleaning, which will go very wrong when I remember I no longer donate to the easy nearby donation center because I discovered they support center groups I do not.