Cheese + Dough = Bureg Love

Is there anything better than cheese stuffed bread? Perhaps cheese-stuffed puff pastry?
Buregs are turnovers, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors but nothing is a crowd pleaser like the basic cheese.
First buy puff pastry, there are lots of brands, but most stores only carry one variety, try to find a place that carries more than one, a middle eastern store is a good place to go to, most of the time the simpler packaging, is the better product, Some people opt for filo dough, but that's not zombie friendly and doesn't add enough in texture for the opt in, in my opinion.
Nest you'll need great feta, something creamy and not rubber is best, bought at the counter and usually not vacuum packed, Also a rubbery cheese that will melt well, I used a middle eastern akawi cheese, but mozzarella or jack works as well. Don't buy fresh mozzarella, it will release way too much liquid and you'll lose texture.

Cheese Bureg
1 pkg puff pastry
i block feta, something around 2x3x5
2/3 block akawi, (or small bag shredded jack of mozzarella)
2 eggs
2 tsp mint
sesame seeds
nigella seeds

Remove puff pastry from freeze and let it sit on the counter til you can work with it. Around half an hour
Shred or crumble cheeses.
Add an egg

Add mint
Cut pastry into 4 inch squares

Place filling inside, I use a lot, but you can use less
Fold two corners together
fold up third corner and pinch together.
Fold up last corner and pinch everything, really pinch good puff pastry fights back in the oven.

Place on a baking sheet
Make an egg wash with second egg, use a little water. Top buregs

Sprinkle sesame and nigella seeds on top. 

Bake according to direction on package. (Usually 400 for half an hour) Sometimes they need a little longer in the oven, can be up to an hour.

These are great warm, or as breakfast, or as an appetizer or with the main course. 
Great potluck dish!

Have leftover cheese mixture? Check back tomorrow for my Greek mac & cheese, put all that great cheese to good use.