Book Review Fridays: Lady in the Lake

Rating: PG
Genre: Detective Novel
Summary: A rich man's wife was thought to have run away with a young playboy, but looks like it's not that simple. 
Author: Raymond Chandler
Grade: A
Length: 272 pages

There are some books that just seem to have a voice of their own, this definitely does, a flim noir in your head, you're there, they're charmed you into 1940s Los Angeles, with all the scents and sites. Half a chapter at a time was enough, once sucked in, it's hard to stop. My favorite kind of book. 
The mystery itself throws you so many times, some of my theories panned out, but by that point I had had so many, I could make no claims of insight. Everyone is a suspect, no one comes off as trust worthy, there are no flat characters Marlowe understands human character and through his observations so do you. Wit and chill, the perfect mystery. 

Recommend to others: Yes, it was a pleasure to read, I had more fun with this book than I've had with any other in months. Pick this one up it's worth it.