Book Review Firdays: How to be Good

Rating: PG
Genre: Modern Lit
Summary: A “good” doctor’s struggles with her “good” work, her suddenly good husband and her “good” kids, 
Author: Nick Hornby
Grade: C
Length: 320 pages
With the the first few pages you get, no one is good in this book, it starts with talks of divorce and affairs, lots of anger, and also indifference, and believe it or not, it all goes terribly wrong, her angry husband suddenly has a reawakening and decides to be good, and though its everything she could wish for, she doesn’t like it, she suddenly finds herself no longer the “good” one, and doesn’t want to take on all the changes her husband is adopting, her world turns up side down. It’s really the story of the feelings of divorce, but from a different angle. The complete lack of good makes this book a harder read, though it’s Nick Hornby, so even at its most difficult it still goes by fast. You walk away happy not to be leading these lives, having liked no one in the book, just like a divorce there is no definitive good or bad, and no satisfactory endings 
Recommend to others: No, ,If you’re going to read a Nick Hornby, start with something else, and if you have anything else in your library read that instead,

Buy About a Boy (It's a better book)