Book Review Fridays

War of the Worlds
Rating: PG
Genre: Science Fiction
Summary: England is being taken over by martians.
Author: HG Wells
Grade: D-
Length: 224 pages
I thought, quite a few years ago at this point, that I should read some Wells, and bought a collection of 4 of his better known novels, what I didn’t know at the time, was that although I normally enjoy science fiction, there is some science fiction I cannot stand, turns out the stuff I hate is written by Wells. And yet in the collection of stories War of the Worlds is actually the best one. It has one strength the others greatly lack, the main event and action of the book are all included, it’s not some retrospective. That being said there is absolutely no tension built up, from the start you know he’s going to survive, you know his wife is ok, and that  human kind will defeat the aliens, you don’t know how, but that they will. I suppose this book was written so long ago that the idea of an alien invasion was enough, and I’m alright with mankind being doomed, I would be ok with the idea that will all die, but that we are absolutely helpless and nothing but dumb luck can save us is a bit well boring, the constant description as fact of events and alien actions, just goes on and on, barely serving a purpose, beyond filling pages. 
I do see the broader picture, the aliens although all powerful are in the end easily beaten by the unforeseen, at the same time man kind has allowed itself to become something that cannot easily defend itself, far too reliant on only defeating the enemies they know, and that all that has been gained with the industrial revolution and the education of the people is too fragile to depend on if something really happens. If natural selection forces to rethink its’ priorities, all these new ideas will practically combust. The book then proceeds to end with mankind taking advantage of the intelligence of the aliens after their defeat. The relevance of this while not completely gone, still seems very out dated. 
Recommend to others: No, frustrating outdated, boring, there is nothing about this book that I would recommend, unless forced to choose between this and other books by Wells.

If you;re interested Buy HG Well's Collection