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Rating: PG

Genre: Chick Fic
Summary: Chronicles the lives of southern houseworkers and housewives in the 1960s
Author: Katheryn Stockett
Grade: A
Length: 464 pages
From the previews of the movies, this looked like a fun read. But it’s much more serious than that. I normally don’t enjoy books on the underclasses, class systems make uncomfortable, and the fact that the belittling of people is taken as everyday, I’m too sensitive to. but this book was different. It was about the change, wanting more and even getting more. It leveled the playing field, it even went as so far as to belittle the housewife (something I don’t normally enjoy, but in this in this book there’s a switch of the tradition roles)
Although some of the national and international larger events are too well observed, all that is ever mentioned is what will be remembered by the history books in time to come, which no everyday observer would be able to distinguish. 
All in all though a great book, a quick read with lots of great characters and events, lots of emotion and while some of the secondary characters felt a little flat, the three main characters allowed us an in dept view, that structurally changed the view of their world and made it much more complex, without being too complicated.  
I especially appreciate the open ended ending. Life does not have a simply summed up faith of its characters, and i tend to favor books that stay true to this. 
Recommend to others: Yes, fun quick read, why not go for it?

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