Oh My Pecan Pie

I liked pecan pie growing up, didnt eat much of it as my father didnt believe in celebrating most holidays, (now he's been fishing for an invite for our christmas party for years) Back when i was first learning how to bake pies i did try my hand at pecan. Turned out great, but i now knew what the ingredients were. Including lots of corn syrup and butter, i just couldnt make it again, and in fact hadnt until last year. I then came across the concept of subing out some of the butter for dark chocolate and not only using less syrup, but maple syrup. Though I was proud of having found a pecan solution, i was disappointed when it came to taste. It just wasnt up to par, looked great though, It wasnt a disaster, but it was a little below average, and thats just not good enough. I was thinking of trying my hand at a chocolate hazelnut pie, but i have decided to focus on finding a great (no corn syrup, low on butter) pecan pie. If anyone has anything out there, please send it my way, Ill update as to what i end up doing.
UPDATE Just did this, turned out great! Was another walnut chocolate, only much much better