Product review: Fiber One

I tried two products, the two they send when you sign up for a free sample on their website.


The first was FiberOne cereal, it looked like a bran based cereal, and it was heavy on the bran, the flakes were thick and took over all the other flavors and so at the end while i did not eat the box for the fiber, it tasted like i had.


I wasnt expecting much, most bars are disappointing to me, especially when they try to disguise the taste by smothering it in chocolate, but while the bar was called chocolate and oats it didnt seem to be over burdened by it. It tasted nice, it had lots of oats (probably my favorite whole grain), didnt taste like soy, some chocolate, that didnt taste like really cheap quality stuff with a bit of wax mixed in for shine, and even had a bit of a caramel undertone. It didnt break your teeth, nor did it stick to them, and didnt leave sticky residue on my hands. As for  the ingredients, although not overwhelmed by soy products, it does fall into the sin of HFCS, something i avoid. the fact that its 7th on the list of ingredients is a plus, that fact that theres 3 other sweeteners in bar is a bit shocking. And the first ingredient is... you have to see it for yourself, id like to see what people would guess. next time youre in the store check it out.