Cheap Green Gift Ideas for Mother's Day: Herb Cuttings

The best gifts give you something as well, (and im not talking about the thanks)

First off start collecting glass bottles and jars.

Then go visit a friend with an herb garden, and ask if you can get cutting of their herbs (if you don't grow your own).

Then place all the herbs in glass jars with water, indoors, and wait, they should start growing, if the jar is clean (no soapy residue that counts as well)

Once theres quite a bit of roots, at least 3 inches long, plant them.  Once you have a decent bunch growing you can cut again and start a second to give away, but let's face it. That's not happening, not if you're a true zombie.

Instead, when you're going to go, get cuttings, put them in old jars, label the jars with tape and a sharpe, and then place them in an old shoe box, or other sort of box. (If it's a really ugly box, wrap it with gift wrap or the funnies, or just newspaper.) Include instructions on how to grow the herbs.