Top Tips for Grocery Shopping Like a Cheap Ass Zombie

Living like a zombie its easier to toss into a cart then to give it all much thought, but follow the tips below for a month, and you can become a cheap ass zombie.

  • Figure out your budget - What would you like to spend, say $70/wk, or $315/mo. then think of it as daily amount, which is $5/day per person, doesnt sound like much, but the next step can get you there.

  • Create a threshold amount, if its over $3.50, think about before you buy it.

  • Figure out what actually needs to be organic, and what you can get away with,

  • Stop going to Whole Foods, and if you don't like the Trader Joes near you, try another one.

  • Eat Soup, really cheap if you make it yourself, fills you up, and it lasts for days, African Zombie Peanut Soup is really easy to make

  • Be a veggie a few days a week, eat an egg dish once a week, and try a turkey meatloaf with lots of worcestershire, you may find yourself really liking it

  • Have leftover carrots, a couple baby potatoes, some peppers, make Zombie Style Leftovers Pizza.

  • Buy not just seasonably but reasonably (priced) A blueberry in California never has a forgiving price tag unless frozen

  • You have a blender, use it, try frozen fruit, with water, honey and some lime juice, very refreshing, and you can make just a single serving

  • Get cuttings of herbs from your friends' herb garden, put them in water til they sprout and then plant them (even cheaper and faster than seeds)

  • Make eating out a really treat, if you spend a $1.50 less on food a day, you'll have $45 at the end of the month to go out.

  • When you have company coming over and you want to go all out, stuff a turkey breast instead of making a roast.

  • Don't eat cold cereal, if you cant live without it, take leftover nuts (from your days as a splurger) and coconut and oats and make your own granola.

  • Think cafeteria food desserts, there's a reason they serve what they serve, it fits in their budget. Rice pudding, fruit salad, and jello

Try this for a month, then compare the contents of your cart (or your reciepts) before and after, you'll be surprised at how much you've changed, in fact you may never be the same again. The colors of your cart will be of the products and not the packaging, the cart will be fuller, but cost less, and you may even find that you don't feel like a cheap ass zombie, but more like a smart one.