Peachy Iced Tea

I love a glass of anything I made at home, at work, looks so fancy, and it so simple, sometimes a week goes by and this is the only thing I brought to work from home, but it's still homemade ice tea. 11 tbsp loose leaf tea (Black, green, white, no discrimination of colors)

One bag frozen peaches

10 cups water

1/2 cup sugar or honey (or to taste)

Ice Cubes

Bring to boil half the water with sugar (or honey) and peaches in a mid sized pot, then simmer for 10 minutes, pour into pitcher. (discard peaches if they are really falling apart). Boil rest of the water in kettle, (except if using green tea, then don't let the water actually boil, green tea is picky) pour water into the pot add tea and let hang out till you get the right flavor. Pour the tea into pitcher, add cubes, mix.