One Pot Stroganoff for the Zombie who Doesnt like Clean Up

I huge onion

1 package sliced mushrooms (any kind you like)

2 or 3 nice steaks

1/4 cup sour cream, eyeball it

corn strach

Some butter, more if youre not shy

Some canola oil, if you are shy

salt and lots of pepper

Slice the steaks nice and thin, and start cooking on med high heat, (rub a bit a of butter on the wide side if you're not shy first). Take them out and put them aside. Add onions and some butter and oil (if youre shy) to pot reduce to medium low and let them cook nice and slow, round 15 min should be fine. Add mushrooms, wait for them to reduce and give off their water. Put the meat back in. In a little bowl put in some cooking juices, a teaspoon or two corn starch and sour cream. Mix til its no longer lumpy and add to the whole. If you don't like the color add more sour cream. Add pepper and salt to taste.

Usually served with egg noodles, but also great on its own with a bit of toasty white bread.