Omelet For When the Kitchen is Bare

Eggs, two per person

Cheese, (almost any kind will do, I went Dubliner last)

Herbs, dry or fresh (plant a lot of seeds in a small pot, and see what grows, I used my chives last)

Salt and pepper

A bit of butter

OK so there's a lot you can do with an omelet, but sometimes simple is best. Heat the bit of butter in a frying pan on med heat till melted. Meanwhile beat the eggs in a mid sized bowl a little (the more you beat, the more eggy flavor you lose) Add the salt (not too much if your cheese is salty, and none if you re using Parmesan), pepper and herbs. Pour it on to the frying pan. Arm yourself with a spatula, and gently push the cooked edges inward so the uncooked parts reach the edge. When done to your liking cover with shredded (or crumbled) cheese. Fold it in half for full effect, slice into wedges and serve with toast.