Grilled Haloumi for the Cheese Loving Zombie

1 package Haloumi (a rubbery Cypriot cheese)

2 tbsp flour

remove haloumi from packaging and if you dont like things salty wash it. Slice the haloumi into 1/4 in slices and toss on a thin layer of flour. Shake off any excess, heat up cast iron (or other dark and heavy pan) on high heat. When really hot put haloumi on top and cook til you have a nice golden (or darker) color, then flip and cook other side. Serve with grapes for a dessert, or as part of a Mediterranean appetizer.


  1. I discovered halloumi a few years ago as I moved to Cyprus, never heard of it before. But straight away I fell in love with that delicious cheese that is so versatile and gives its special note to so many dishes. Very often we try new halloumi recipes and there is not one week since then, that we won’t have at least one meal with halloumi, not to speak about BBQs, where having halloumi is a must.


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