Dessert in a Vase, wait what? For Zombies who dont own trifle bowls.

2 packages beligum chocolate Pudding (from trader joe's, cause nothing else comes close)

1 box lady fingers

1 pint cream

couple tablespoons powdered sugar

bit of vanillia

1 package frozen fruit, whatever you like, but raspberrys are damn good

Whip the cream till stiff, with a couple tablespoons sugar and a bit of vanilla (a tsp at most) Take out a large glass bowl or vase (you want to be able to see all the layers) and put a little bit of cream on the bottom to help stablize the next layer. Then layer some lady finger sideways on the edges so you can see all the layers. Then a bit of pudding, then fruit, then cream, each layer should show on the side and look around an inch thick (cause that's what ladyfingers are sideways) Keep going but make sure you end with cream. If you have a bar of choclate, hold it in your hand to get it a bit wamer, and use a veg peeler to curls. Don't worry though, if it looks odd, doesnt really matter its choclate. Assemble this a few hours before you serve it, so the fruit runs (this is why raspberries are best they give off great color and run like crazy) This will feed a crowd, and if you freeze the leftovers, you can scoop it out later like trifle ice cream. Leftovers Good.

Other trifle bowl ideas in case your vases are just not the right shape...

  • glass pitcher

  • punch bowl

  • goldfish bowl, sans goldfish