Bash the life out Chicken Tenders, for the frustrated Zombie.

A pack of chicken tenders

Bread crumbs (Panko crumbs are nice)

An egg or two

salt pepper


Preheat over to 425. Fun part take a mallet (if you have one with spikes use it sideways), or rolling pin, or frying pan or blunt object and hit the chicken bits (which you wrap in cling film for easy clean up, yay) unless they are flatter. The good news, tenders are freaking easy to flatten. Two bowls, one with egg, slightly beatten, the other bread crumbs. Line a cookie tray, black sheets are better, cause it browns the outside more (with foil or silicon sheet) and oil a little. Salt and pepper each chicken piece, then put in the egg. then in the bread then on the tray. Put in the oven, cook for around 10 to 12 (15 for some slow ovens) mintutes. Serve with Pasta and chopped tomatoes, parmesan, and a bit of basil, OR mashed potatoes (or any other veggie mash you prefer).